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Things Are Really Cooking!

The Pod: You're Up First

Starting the year off with some great statistics about the podcast. Check out those numbers!

And here's even better news, I just tipped over 1,000 total downloads this morning. The episode that made it happen was published yesterday with floral designer Anna Le Pley Tylor as my guest.

Anna and I know each other from way, way back but on this episode we come together to talk as entrepreneurs and stay-at-home parents. We talk about the Myth of Balance between family and career, and how to identify your highest priorities.

I think many of you know Anna personally, so hop on over and listen here to episode #8!

Off to India!

If the weather (and the roads) hold up here in California, I'll be off to India tomorrow. If you're getting this email then you're on the list for updates as the travels unfold. I'll be there for two weeks, January 14 - 28th and, while I'm there, I will teach two or three rounds of writing classes to girls ages ten through sixteen.

I have given a lot of thought about what I will say and teach, and what I want to leave with them to think about and call upon when sitting to write. I find that most of my thinking has been around how I can approach this less like an American woman, and rather get in the mindset of girls and young women who are just now learning that they don't need to find a voice, because they already have one. And they don't need to wait on a story, because their life is already one beautiful unfolding story that belongs to them and them alone.

I imagine, for some, this will be a stretch, since nothing in their world is theirs and theirs alone. I feel the weight of this responsibility to carefully bestow a message, while also keeping in mind the real-world limitations they face once they leave the gates of Piyali Learning Center.

I am so excited to get there, and to take you all along with me as this trip unfolds. If you want daily updates and a lot of photos you might hop over to my Facebook or Instagram pages. Otherwise I will send longer updates through email as I go. Thank you for taking this journey with me!

If you want to learn more about Piyali Learning Center, or Pace Universal, or to sponsor a student please visit

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