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Happy New Year: A Quick Update

Saturday’s New Year’s Eve Workshop was a huge success!

It really was the stuff of dreams for me. Sending out a big thank you to the beautiful souls gathered on New Year’s Eve for an hour packed with quiet moments of introspection and poetry. Our pens and paper were on fire with proclamations and intentions, as we closed 2022 and welcomed 2023.

Success looks different to me now, and this was a big one. I’ve always been kind of the lone entrepreneur, fighting the good fight, wearing all of the hats. So, to pivot into building community and holding a safe space for creativity and reflection, feels like the best change for the new year.

Can I tell you how nervous I was? Nervous because I care. Nervous because this means something. I don’t take this appointment lightly, but for something I’m making sound serious, it sure is fun.

And now I might be hooked. Nerves be damned, let’s do it again! Be on the lookout for more workshops coming soon. This year is brimming with potential, let’s fill

our cups in all the best ways.

Don't Miss the Latest Podcast Episode

This week I talk with Malia Mauer about how we're aware of our Physical body pretty much all of the time, but what about our Spiritual body - the aura and energy that surrounds us and is the source that makes us tick?

Malia is a student and practitioner of sound and energy, also called Reiki. For 20 years, Malia has studied the function of vibration and tone and has become acutely perceptive of how these elements move through our life and our physical bodies, creating harmony or discord. Through the practice of Reiki, Malia works to balance the relationship between our physical and energetic body. She joins me today to talk about why this is so important to our overall health and wellbeing.

You can listen to the latest episode HERE or click the image above.

India Happens Next Week!

I fly out Saturday, January 14th for a whopping two day transit to Kolkata in the beautiful State of Bengal. Kolkata was once the home of Mother Teresa and the convent where she resided until her death.

There I will spend two weeks with students, and staff and also join Deepa Biswas, founder of Pace Universal, the non-profit that supports the amazing work done at the Piyali Learning Center (PLC).

At PLC, 180 girls and women are educated, fed and given hope for the future.

While there, I will teach four writing classes to the students, and also work on updating the PACE website and critical fundraising materials. I'm looking forward to a productive time, and ready to once again be more student than teacher as India cracked me open in a big way the last time around. Talk about coming home with new eyes and a heart forever changed.

THANK YOU TO THOSE OF YOU WHO GAVE GENEROUSLY TO THE ASPIRING WRITERS CARE PACKAGE. If you would like to contribute to the pool of funds going towards gifts, journals, pens and necessities for the students, IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Follow the link to make a difference in the lives of young students and budding writers.

Stay tuned here, and I'll update as the trip unfolds. New episodes of the podcast will continue to publish while I'm gone, and if you want a day-to-day update on the trip, please follow me on Facebook here or Instagram here.

All my best and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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