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Updated: Dec 6, 2022

On this Giving Tuesday I come to you with such incredible January, I'm going back to India!

In 2018, my daughter Sophia and I traveled to India as part of her lemonade campaign to support the Santa Barbara-based nonprofit PACE Universal ( and the Piyali Learning Center (PLC) outside Kolkata, India.

This time, I have been invited to return to teach a series of writing and poetry workshops during the annual January visit. While there, I will also write an ambassador handbook and update the website content that is critical for fundraising. It's going to be a busy two weeks.

But this is a dream come true! Through a generous gift, I'm able to travel again and, this time, impart encouragement to the more than 180 students to know that they are already writers, poets, and artists. I fully expect to arrive as a teacher and leave a student of their incredible spirit and heart.

On this #givingtuesday, I come to you for support around supplies and gifts. I want to give each student a journal and pen to keep for their writing and poems, and also purchase small gifts and basic supplies such as toothbrushes, hair clips, lotion, shampoo, undergarments and socks. While the students are fed and clothed through the school, they go home each night to mud-floored houses and a family that rotates meals to ration food. Every little supply and a personal item is a treasure.

Thank you in advance for your support in bringing cheer this year to the future generation of India.

Please visit my Go Fund Me page for more information and to give whatever feels right.

With all my affection,

XO Leanne

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