Dispatch: When a Tourist Becomes a Traveler

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Here’s where the rubber meets the road. When the excitement of going becomes the reality of being there.

When it’s 8:30am and it’s already 90 degrees and 100% humidity and the bathroom is locked and no one has the key, it’s so f**ing hot, and they’ve lost your reservation for the snorkeling trip to Tortuga Island.

Whatever you do, don’t panic. Definitely don’t throw a tantrum....because you’re not a tourist, you’re a traveler. Every unexpected bump and glitch and change of plan creates an opportunity for something good, something unexpected.

It’s good to learn that when you’re eight, and again when you 40-something. You breathe, and you wait. When the time is right, you pull out a big ol’ heap of kindness (and maybe a little compliment), and watch as your name magically appears on the list. The gate opens.

And because no one freaked out we got a beautiful boat ride, a snorkel over a shipwreck, lunch on the beach, fresh-caught oyster and prawn ceviche (with a little lime and hot sauce) right off the fisherman’s boat. We even might have found a bunch of killer shells to photograph and a perfectly intact crab shell just chilling on a rock. This is Pura Vida, my friends. Tranquillo, as they say.

Relax. Let it roll. Let the magic happen.

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