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December's Last Page


I’m asked these days is, what are you up to?

My short answer is that I’m producing a podcast (New Episode Out Today Here!), and I’m also a writer who actually still manages to write sometimes. I’m sure this self-prescribed job title sounds a little out of touch. It might be understandable to go all creative if I’m a twenty-something just out of college, but at my age, it sounds reckless. And also maybe a little intriguing. It might conjure images of a swanky, padded recording studio. Or writing in pajamas with a steaming cup of tea in a quiet house.

While there are moments of quiet and padded recording (in my closet 😆), really what I’m up to is a lot of listening. Listening in the early hours of the morning for direction, inspiration, instructions. And the instructions come. Like feathers from the sky, they drop into my consciousness as though I’m in a cosmic business meeting.

These feathers are soft and gentle but undeniably the next logical step. And from there the not-so-quiet work begins in figuring out how to bring these ideas into being. I read a lot of how-to articles and spend hours on YouTube tutorials. There are long calls with customer service about adding a new web page, and help from friends about how to set up automations. There are delays from technical glitches, there’s always a rogue typo, and countless edits fill the trash can to overflowing.

And then out of the struggle, one of the feathers comes in the simplest form of this invitation to gather and write, together. Before December turns its last page, before we step across the threshold into a new year, an invitation to pause and contemplate. To collectively listen. To collectively say yes to all that we want to draw in and welcome in the new year.

You don’t have to be a writer, just join me on Zoom with paper and pen and an open heart. Invite a friend or the kids. Bring your tea, and find a cozy place to sit.

There will be poetry and writing prompts. There will be quiet minutes to think about what you want to celebrate, acknowledge, or leave behind. And then, quiet minutes to reflect and dream on the year ahead.

Come as you are, make it your time,

and together we’ll step into the new year with intention and celebration.


Click link in bio or go to

I can’t wait to see you there!

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