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Hello, Friends!

When I created this space, I couldn’t decide if it would be filled with stories about mothering our three kids

and our backyard farm, or perhaps marriage, or maybe travel, because there’s been a lot of it,

both before kids and after.


Muse on the Mountain is what has come about from deciding not to decide.

They are all the loves of my life - my kids and travel and being married to Ryan, the best man I have ever known.

These are my deepest passions, and in this little space, I celebrate them all.

Notes from the road, notes from the chicken coop, and musings on this beautiful life, both past and present.


I’m on a mission to turn over all of the stones , and I’m excited to do that together.   

Leanne Elliott

Podcast | Blog | Freelance Writer


P.O. Box 1622

Santa Ynez, CA 93460





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