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When I thought about starting a blog, I have to admit, I was a little paralyzed. I sat down to write and couldn’t decide: would it be about mothering our three kids Sophia, Cooper and Mason, and our full life at home with goats and chickens, fish and a gecko? Or would it be about travel, because there’s been a lot of it, both before kids and after.


Muse on the Mountain is what has come about from deciding not to decide. They are all the loves of my life - my kids and travel and being married to Ryan, the best man I have ever known. These are my deepest passions and here, in this little space, I will celebrate them all. Notes from the road, notes from the goat pen, and musings on the childhood that blows through here like a hurricane just after the house has been cleaned.


I’m on a mission to turn over all of the beautiful stones in this world, and I’m excited to do that together.   

Leanne Elliott

Writer, Creator, Wife & Mom


@Muse on the Mountain


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